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My quilted handbags cover a wide variety of sizes, styles, closures and naturally colors!

All of my quilted handbags are fully lined with more pockets than you could ever wish for.
Need a slot to easily find your cell phone? Not an issue. Can't find those keys? Slide
them into another pocket. With my handbags you won't simply drop everything into it.
You'll be able to organize it and find everything you need easily.

Like everything else I make, all of my quilted handbags are one-of-a-kind and cannot be duplicated. The quality of my fabric and workmanship is second-to-none and far surpasses any factory made quilted handbag, purse, wristlet, tote bag, messenger bag or notebook bag you see at countless retail locations.
Plus they are all machine washable lasting for years and years.

All of my quilted handbags are one-of-a-kind and many are made to order. All you have to do is email me for a personal design consultation. If you are in the area, we can also arrange for you to meet with me in my design studio.

Click here to see some photos of quilted handbags that have I have created for many very happy clients.

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